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Practice Tests Features
That makes us top notch


AI Scoring

A Practice Tests platform has been designed with AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature. AI scoring means that test takers will be marked by the automated system which mimics the real scoring algorithm.


Practice Tests With Score Cards

Magic PTE Mock Test are designed to simulate the actual PTE Exam testing experience to help users familiarize themselves with the test patterns and identify weaknesses using score reports.


Real Repeated Questions

PTE question bank are updated regularly and are collected by the PTE aspirants community from the real exams. The questions are also sorted according to their frequency repetition rate.


Self Study Platform

Effective online tools and simulation mock tests to assist PTE aspirants in preparing for upcoming tests to achieve your desired score.


Real Time Speaking Scoring 🔥

Highly accurate real-time tool is designed to simulate the actual testing score for PTE Speaking including Read Aloud and Repeat Sentence. The study tool is built by a team of experienced PTE trainers.

Score Card Report with details 💯

A score report will be automatically generated after each exam attempt which clearly displays communicative, enabling as well as the overall score, thus help users identify strengths and tackle weaknesses. This mock exam’s structure is similar to the actual pte test.

New Repeated Questions ❤️

Users will find the most recent repeated questions which have been verified and have 80% to 100% frequency of repetition in the actual exams.

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PTE MAGIC has an excellent platform and mock tests. After 2 weeks intensive classes and having a 1:1 review with Kay, I got my target score. I highly recommend to those who are struggling to get their target score. Big thank you to Moni and Kay for your help. Thank you PTE MAGIC 🥰🥰🥰

Maxi Hsu

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PTE Magic

Why you need

PTE Academic ?

Planning to move to Australia, New Zealand or UK? If so, congratulations! Both countries are replete with natural wonders, gorgeous vistas and culture at every turn. However, there are a few requirements you’ll need to meet before you can take up a visa in either spot.

In your quest to secure this visa, you’ll have to complete a number of steps, including passing the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic.

Important Thing You Should Know

What Is The PTE Academic?


PTE Academic Overrall

When you apply for a visa, the government will require that you demonstrate a clear knowledge of the English language. PTE Academic test is one of trusted English certificate by numbers of universities and governments.

Your test results will determine whether your grasp of the language is competent, proficient or superior.

What Is Exam Structure Of PTE Academic?

The PTE Academic, covers four main categories, including:

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking
To pass with a “Superior English” rating, you’ll need a score of at least 79 in each component of the test.

You’ll take the test via a computer in a single, three-hour session that takes place at a secure Pearson test centre. While it’s relatively straightforward, there are more than 20 different variations in question format, ranging from multiple choice to essays.

As such, it’s important to walk into the testing centre as prepared as possible. That’s where we come in.

“With MAGIC, 79+ Is In Your Hand.”

PTE Magic

PTE Magic

PTE Practice Online

Even the most confident of students can find the process of taking an exam stressful. The exam environment can often bring out nerves in students, making them doubt their abilities and falter under pressure.
For this reason, PTE Magic provides online practice test to ensure our students become familiar with the test

environment and have time to work on any limitations which may be holding them back. Completing a practice test at PTE Magic ensures you are away from all distractions and can completely focus on your test.

PTE Magic

The Benefits Of Doing Magic PTE Mock Test


Perfect Your Time Management

While you may feel confident with all sections on the PTE, you also need to consider your timing. Whilst having the correct knowledge is important, if you can’t convey this knowledge in the allocated timeframe you will not score as highly as you should on the test.


Identify Areas For Improvement

With a practice test, teachers are able to identify areas where students need to improve, before taking the actual PTE Academic Exam. This gives students enough time to study and learn new information to achieve the best score possible on their PTE.


Identify Students' Strength

Similarly to the point above, a practice test will help students identify sections of the test they are excelling in. This allows them to create an accurate revision timetable that has less time dedicated to the sections of the test they are already succeeding in.

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PTE Magic

You Are Not Alone

What PTE Magic Platform Provides?

Want access to some of the material we cover in class without signing up for a full course? We offer mock tests and other PTE exam tips and material on our site.

Few Things You Might Need To Know

  • PTE Magic has 7+ study centre
  • PTE Magic has 15,000+ members
  • PTE Magic has study centres in Australia and Vietnam
  • PTE Magic has a pass rate 90%+

Real repeated exam questions

PTE Magic tries to collect all repeated questions from our community

PTE Question Banks

PTE Magic has more than 4,000 questions

Scored Practice Test

PTE Magic can score your practice test or mock test by our AI system.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) scoring

AI is used in our system to score PTE Speaking, Writing and Mock Test

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