5 mistakes to avoid in PTE Speaking

5 mistakes to avoid in PTE Speaking


For many students, the PTE Speaking session is the most challenging of all sections. To help your preparation, we have highlighted 5 common mistakes that students make in their Speaking test that prevents them from getting the desired scores:

1. Speaking too fast

There have been a lot of rumours going around about speaking fast with minimum pauses to get 90. This might help boost fluency, but doing it incorrectly can actually backfire. Some students speak with a high speed to the point that it is hard to understand their speech, thus reducing their pronunciation score. Fluency is not only about speaking rate so exercise your flow of speech.

2. Too many fillers

This is the problem that students have poor pronunciation encounter, especially when reading difficult words. This can also happen in Describe image and Retell lecture. Remember, fluency should be your top priority!

3. Not checking microphone properly

All test takers are given a chance to check their headset prior to commencing the speaking part, however even when the students are unable to hear their voice clearly, they still move on with the test instead of raising issues with the test invigilator. Do not make this mistake and report any problem you have during and after the test again.

4. Short answers

Content is one of the vital aspects in PTE and it is especially important in Describe image and Retell lecture. You are given 40 seconds for the recording, nevertheless, some students only use half of the time to record their answers which mean they do not cover all the points. Make sure to utilise the time wisely to not lose marks on your content.

5. Wrong pitch

Yes, pitch will have a substantial effect on your speaking score. Males candidates should not speak with a pitch that is too low and females should avoid excessively high pitch. To find out the proper pitch for your voice, contact our trainers.

With the right guidance and strategies, everyone can achieve their target score.

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