PTE Listening – Highlight Incorrect Words

PTE Listening – Highlight Incorrect Words

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Highlight Incorrect Words is one of the type of questions which you will face in the PTE Test Listening. If you prepare well these type of questions in the PTE Practice Test Listening, you can do well in the real PTE Academic Test. In these type of questions, you have to identify the wrong words from the transcript. You have to do 2 things at a time, one is to listen to an audio and second is to see the transcript.  And there will also be some words which will be different in audio from the transcript. You just have to identify it and highlight them by clicking on the different words.

Following are key points, you should keep in your mind and go practice.

Basic exam structure of highlighting incorrect words:

1-The number of questions which will be given to you are;  2 to 3 in PTE listening highlights incorrect words.
2-Scoring will be done by contributing to your listening and reading.
3-Negative marking will be included.

What you need to know?

There is no specific time limit on each question, you will get only 10 seconds before the audio starts, But you have to keep in your mind the overall time limit of the PTE listening practice.If you understand the audio and follow the next there are more chances for you to identify the words correctly. The main skills for this are your capability to read and listen at the same time.

If you stuck on a word, your time will be wasted and you will be at the risk of missing out the next question. So, identifying the incorrect words require a lot of listening practice.
After some time, the audio will start and before it ends you have to finalize the answers. As far as you continue reading the transcript and follow the audio, the chances of getting the question right increase and quite high.

How To Maximize your score in Highlights Incorrect Words:

To maximize your score follow these tips:

1- Ready your cursor:

Before the beginning of the transcript, you must Have to keep your cursor ready and make sure that your hand is on the mouse and ready to move the cursor. When the audio begins, you should find the word that is different from what you heard to and what is written in the transcript. Immediately click on it, do not waste  your time in thinking otherwise you will miss out on the audio.

2- Keep moving:

If you do not understand a word and the audio had moved ahead and you are still finding at an earlier word, then jump to where the audio is because if you do this, you’ll miss out a number of answers.

3- Do not click randomly on the words:

Do not click on the word if you are not sure about the answer. If you select an incorrect word, your marks will be deducted, always choose the right word of which you are sure. Do not do random clicking.

4- Keep practice, practice

Listening and reading at the same time is a difficult task. It shows the ability of the candidate that how much he/she is able to understand both reading and listening at the same time. You should do the listening practice and make it sure that you can read and listen at the same time.

Note: You should also need to practice PTE Speaking, PTE Reading And PTE Writing.

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