PTE Practice Test Reading

PTE Practice Test Reading

PTE Practice Test Reading
PTE Reading Test
PTE Reading is the second section of the test and will take approximately 30-40 minutes. It includes 5 tasks in total. The reading materials for this section are all authentic texts about a variety of academic subjects, including humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to be particularly knowledgeable about these subjects, as all of the information needed to answer the questions can be found in the texts.

“Check Out PTE Speaking Test Exam Structure Below”

PTE Reading Test

Exam Structure In PTE Academic

Multiple Choice Questions With A Single Answer

After reading a passage, that will be roughly 110 words, select one answer from multiple choices. To ensure you have time to complete the entire section, you should try to not spend more than 2 minutes on each multiple-choice question.

Multiple Choice Questions, Multiple Answers

In these questions, more than one response is correct so you must mark all the answers that are correct. The prompt length is around 300 words and points will be deducted for any incorrect answers, so it is essential you do not select any answers you do not feel confident about. It is advisable that you read the question first, before the text, to ensure you know what specific details you are looking for to answer the question.

Re-Order Paragraphs

On the left side of your screen, sentences and paragraphs will be placed in an illogical order. To complete this task you must arrange the sections on the right side of the screen in the correct order. The section should contain text up to 150 words.

Re-Tell Lecture

You will have to retell a listening or a short video. An audio or a video of around 90 seconds will be played and you will be given 40seconds to answer it. Before the computer begins recording your speech, you will have 10 seconds for preparation.

You will be given 40 seconds to answers so you should bring your answers to end with major points from the. When the bar of progress comes close to end, you must stop speaking. Meanwhile, you will see the word ‘Recording’ changed to ‘Completed’.

Answer Short Question

Speaking short answer question section examines your speaking and listening skills, and you are given 10 seconds to response to each asked question.

Furthermore, this task is easier as compared to other tasks because you just give answers in only one or two words rather long summaries and answers. Therefore, you can obtain good scores in this task.

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