PTE Practice Test Speaking

PTE Practice Test Speaking

PTE Speaking Test
There are 5 sections on the speaking part of the PTE Speaking Test which is the first part of the PTE Academic test. Each includes talking and understanding skill in a different way. Let look at each speaking section and what to focus on when taking them.

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“Check Out PTE Speaking Test Exam Structure Below”

PTE Speaking Test

Exam Structure In PTE Academic

Read Aloud

For this speaking section, a passage or a short text of 2-3 sentences will be given. You will be given approximately 40-second to read the passage. When the time ends, a beep sound you will listen and start audibly recording your voice for 40 seconds.

If you spoke before the microphone starts, then your voice won’t be recorded. You must finish readying speaking the passage before progress bar ends, otherwise the microphone will stop recording even if you did not complete readying the whole passage.

Repeat Sentence

In this speaking section, there’s a short audio or recording of few seconds to be played. You will have to listen carefully and repeat exactly the recording within 15 seconds. This means you have very limited time to get things right.

For this section, it’s important to get the main ideas of the speaking,nouns and grammar used in the recording. It’s useful to note down main keywords.

Describe Image

This section is all about giving correct description of images that will be shown. Those images here can be picture, a country map, a report chart, or graph.

You will be given only 25 seconds to understand the image. After that, you will have to give your respond within 40 seconds. For this section, one of the most effective ways to understand images is keeping mental notes of them.

Re-Tell Lecture

You will have to retell a listening or a short video. An audio or a video of around 90 seconds will be played and you will be given 40 seconds to answer it. Before the computer begins recording your speech, you will have 10 seconds for preparation.

You will be given 40 seconds to answers so you should bring your answers to end with major points from the. When the bar of progress comes close to end, you must stop speaking. Meanwhile, you will see the word ‘Recording’ changed to ‘Completed’.

Answer Short Question

Speaking short answer question section examines your speaking and listening skills, and you are given 10 seconds to response to each asked question.

Furthermore, this task is easier as compared to other tasks because you just give answers in only one or two words rather long summaries and answers. Therefore, you can obtain good scores in this task.

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