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Are you searching for where to learn more facts about PTE practice test? Do you know that not every PTE practice tutorial can prove helpful? Your score in a PTE practice test is a reflection of how you will likely perform in the real PTE test. This post will be aiming to reveal some powerful tips on how you can score very high in such practice test. The sky will be your limits if you can get it right.

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The advent of PTE practice test is to enable people pass the real PTE examination without any problem. The function of such test has gone beyond making materials available through which people can use to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. In addition to such, they can also ensure proper time management which most PTE students consider as major nightmare. .

Furthermore, you will also discover why PTE Magic is a trusted platform when it comes to getting some of the most updated PTE practice tips and materials. We have proven to be steps ahead of others in the past with lots of standard mock questions to test your grammar accuracy. 


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It is shocking to find out that even native English speakers usually struggle when it comes to scoring high during a PTE speaking practice section. Furthermore, the system put together by PTE Magic is based on an advanced and sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI). The marking isn’t just automated but completely fair just like what applies in the real PTE exam. It records your voice and awards the deserved score. This is one of the easiest sections if you know what to do. You will be expected to read a passage aloud. Below are some effective strategies to help you out.

1 – Timing is crucial

Don’t ever make the mistake of starting when the recording hasn’t started. This means you voice isn’t going to be recorded. Always start as soon as the recording commences.

2 – Avoid repetitions

Most people make the mistake of repeating words over and over again. Just like the real PTE exam, this is going to affect your score to a great extent. Even if you don’t know understand something, don’t try to stop as such can affect your fluency.

3 – Watch out for punctuation marks

Your oral fluency will suffer once punctuations are ignored. These could be commas, full stop, colon, semi colon and more. Practice intonation and syllables to know the right time they can be used.

PTE Speaking Practice Test Sample Questions and Materials

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PTE listening practice section is all about listening effectively to a particular lecture. In the end, you will be expected to summarize the most important ideas/key points. There are times when you can listen effectively to the questions being asked but don’t really know how to provide the expected answers. In such case, your score will be negatively affected. Below are some tips to help you score high.

1 – Reading the question

The importance of doing this in a PTE listening practice section is to ensure you accurately summarize the spoken text. Improve your reading speed before starting this section. This is because time is always limited.

2 – Be patient

For every wrong answer you give out in this section, your mark will be deducted. Always ensure that you have selected the correct answers. Most times, the first answers are revealed once the keywords have been spoken. Wait for the next answer to be revealed after the first.

3 – Taking note

Just like the real PTE test, it is very important you take note of what is being said. Don’t forget that you will be listening to an audio. This means there is a very high chance of living important details that may lead to the expected answers. Therefore, take note of important keywords and concepts to make things easier.

PTE Listening Practice Test Sample Questions and Materials

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Most people are finding PTE reading practice sections to be very difficult and complicated. The truth is that just like any other section in PTE practice test, it is possible to score very high. As a matter of fact, if you can understand the strategies to get high score during such practice section, the real PTE reading test will become a complete walk in the park. Below are some tips to keep you going.

PTE Magic has proven to be one of the best when it comes to making not just numerous real exam questions to be available on PTE reading. Also, they are regularly updated to ensure users like you develop their reading skills as expected

1 – Development of vocabulary

Similar to the real PTE reading section, your vocabulary should be sound. Therefore, ensure that you are pronouncing words as expected. The good part is that building a nice vocabulary isn’t difficult to achieve. You can start by reading lots of academic journals and articles on daily basis.

2 – Using the right words

Don’t ever make use of words that you don’t know their meanings. This can hurt your score during a PTE reading practice section. You will always get to that point where words will be required to complete sentences. One of easiest ways to do this effectively is looking at the context in which such words have been used. For instance, “predict” and “foresee” may mean the same thing but they are used in different contexts.

3 – Evaluating your options

This is involves trying to select the right words in other to see the one that is a perfect fit for a given sentence. You have to be very fast about it though. This tip becomes useful when you can’t find the right answer during a PTE reading practice section..

PTE Reading Practice Test Sample Questions and Materials

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Most of the time, you score low during a PTE writing practice section due to some factors which could have been easily controlled. If you make these mistakes during a PTE practice test, they are bound to be repeated during the real PTE exams.

1 – Always follow instructions

2 – Know that time is very limited

3 – Understand what such essay is all about before writing

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