March PTE Exam Memories from PTE 90 SCORER

Table of Contents Hello everyone, This is Moni. I did my PTE test on the 20th March 2021 at Sydney Pearson Bridge Street to test if our tips are still working. The result came after only 3 hours and once again. I got 90 all bands for PTE Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. I will

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We try to keep updates and share all Premimum PTE materials such as eBook, exam templates, video and many more.  *2020* PTE Crashing Tips Speaking Tips NEW – Improve Frequency *Note: If you want to share or contribute your materials with us, please email at info@ptemagicpractice.com

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Do you want to improve your PTE Speaking Fluency? I have been coaching PTE at Magic for many students since 2018. I understand that students with English as their second-language finding difficulties in PTE Practice Test Speaking Fluency.  Some most common mistakes in Speaking, check out how you can improve: Mistake 1: Too Slow and