PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence is still a struggle to many PTE candidates despite its straight-forward order.
Thus, in this blog, we will point out all the noticeable points that you need to keep in mind about the test so that you can prepare as thoroughly for it as possible.

What Is There In The Real Test?

This section contains 10-12 questions in the PTE Speaking test, it examines the speaking and listening ability of the candidates.
Entering to do the Repeat Sentence section, you will see two main boxes on screen: one displays the audio bar and the other one shows your recording progress.
Your task is to repeat verbatim the sentence read in the audio to the microphone after when a short tone is played.
PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence sample - PTE Magic
PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence sample

Watch Out For The Clock!

Here are some timelines that you need to pay attention to while taking this particular section of the test:

  • The audio lasts for 3-9 seconds
  • You only have 1 second to prepare before recording your speech
  • 10 seconds is the total time you are provided to record your speaking
PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence time distribution - PTE Magic
PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence time distribution

Friendly reminder:

  • There will be no short tone played to mark the microphone starts recording.
  • If you spoke before the microphone starts or after the progress bar ends, then your voice will not be recorded. 
  • If you remain silence, the microphone will stop after 3 seconds.

How Will I Be Judged?

Your PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence score will be judged by the basis of following points:

  • Content: The best responses cover all the main points of the lecture and include possible developments, conclusions or implications. Mentioning a few disjointed ideas will have a negative impact on your score.
  • Oral Fluency: This factor is scored by considering whether your rhythm, phrasing and stress are smooth or not. Repeating of words, hesitation and wrong starts will lower your score.
  • Pronunciation: The more understandable your speech is to most regular speakers of the language, the higher your score will be on pronunciation. The best answers contain vowels and consonants pronounced in a native-like way, and stress words and phrases appropriately.
PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence time distribution - PTE Magic
PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence time distribution

Tips and advices

Here are some useful things to do in a PTE Speaking Read Aloud test that we learnt from our real experiences:

  • Improve your listening: There are loads of English sources that you can practice this skill. For example: podcast, audio books, news, radio shows, talk shows like TED Talks
  • Speak clearly: There is no need to rush, after listening to the audio, calmly repeat it. This will make your speech be easier to be heard fully and correctly.
  • Practice speaking with a partner: Having a conversation with a partner who is good at speaking English helps a lot at practicing using grammar, vocabulary or even adjusting your accent and intonation. If possible, Practice with a native speaker will do even more good!  
  • Remember the words in “chunks”: Usually, it is harder for non-native students to remember a whole long sentence. Try break down the sentence in smaller groups to remember them easier.

That’s it, good luck on the test!

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