PTE Speaking re-tell lecture is considered one of the hardest tasks since it requires more than just good speaking skills to perform well.
In this post, we will break down the section for anyone who is still asking: “What is PTE Speaking Re-tell Lecture?”, “How do I do it?” or even “How can I achieve the highest score?”

What Is There In The Real Test?

This is question type is a part of the Speaking test, it consists of 3-4 questions and speaking and listening ability of the test-takers.
Entering to do the Re-tell Lecture section, you will see two main boxes on screen: one display the audio bar and the other one shows your recording progress. In some situations, you may also see an image related to the audio.
Your task is to listen to a lecture or an interview and then re-tell it in your own words.
PTE Speaking Re-tell lecture sample - PTE Magic
PTE Speaking Re-tell lecture sample

Watch Out For The Clock!

Make sure that you be attentive of these following timelines while taking this particular section of the test:

  • The audio lasts for 90 seconds
  • You have 10 seconds to prepare before recording your speech
  • 40 seconds is the total time you are provided to record your speaking
PTE Speaking Re-tell Lecture time distribution - PTE Magic
PTE Speaking Re-tell Lecture time distribution

Friendly reminder:

  • While the audio is playing, you can take notes on the erasable noteboard provided.
  • If you spoke before the microphone starts or after the progress bar ends, then your voice will not be recorded
  • If you remain silence, the microphone will stop after 3 seconds.

How Will I Be Judged?

Your PTE speaking re-tell lecture score will be judged by the basis of following points:

  • Content: How thoroughly you summarized major points will be considered. Noticing the dates, numbers or names focused by speaker is a plus. However, you should not concentrate too much on small details, the main aim is still to conclude all the main points in what is said in the audio.
  • Oral Fluency: Your flow of speech plays an important role in the assessment of this factor. In addition, rhythm, phrasing and stress on words can have an impact on the assessment of your test. Likewise, repeating of words and hesitation will lower your score.

Pronunciation: According to Pearson PTE, your pronunciation is being checked by how effective your speech is. In particular, the most efficient answers are those which pronounce and stress words appropriately, thus create good Intonation.

PTE Speaking Re-tell Lecture time distribution - PTE Magic
PTE Speaking Re-tell Lecture time distribution

Tips and advices

Here are some helpful tips that enhance your chance of earning the highest score in a PTE Speaking Re-tell Lecture test:

  • Build your vocabulary: Spend some time a day to improve your vocabulary and learn collocation by reading English quality newspaper such as BBC News, CNN, The New York Times, ABC News or Vice. The greatest advantage of studying through the news is that the resource comes in all formats with diverse categories, thus it helps you build more than just your vocabulary or one reading skills.
  • Use templates and connectors: Doing this helps save thinking time, create a more structured yet clear speech and lengthen your speech in case the audio is short
  • Take notes: an Erasable Board that will be given to you to write down some key-words to remember and re-tell. If you write numbers, writing a word to say what the number represents will details even more the noticeable points.
  • Try to speak as fluently as possible: the mic will stop when you are silent for 3 seconds so avoid unnecessary hesitance as much as possible.

That’s it, good luck on the test!

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