PTE Speaking Short Answer Question is not a complicated type of questions, however candidates can still make unnecessary mistake that can ruin their answers.
So, here are some noticeable points about this part of the PTE speaking test to keep in mind so that you can achieve the desired result.

What Is There In The Real Test?

This type of questions includes 10-12 questions, it examines the speaking and listening ability of the candidates.
As you begin to do the Answering Short Question section, two main boxes will be shown on screen: one displays the audio bar and the other one shows your recording progress. In some situations, you may also see an image related to the audio.
Your task is to answer the question asked in the provided recording in one or a few words.
PTE Speaking Answer Short Question sample - PTE Magic
PTE Speaking Answer Short Question sample

Watch Out For The Clock!

Here are some timelines that you need to pay attention to while taking this particular section of the test:

  • The audio lasts for 3-9 seconds
  • You only have 1 second to prepare before recording your speech
  • 10 seconds is the total time you are provided to record your speaking
PTE Speaking Answer Short Question time distribution - PTE Magic
PTE Speaking Answer Short Question time distribution

Friendly reminder:

  • There will be no short tone played to mark the microphone starts recording.
  • If you spoke before the microphone starts or after the progress bar ends, then your voice will not be recorded. 
  • If you remain silence, the microphone will stop after 3 seconds.

How Will I Be Judged?

The questions are general knowledge in nature and probably related to topics that you are familiar with in your school or daily life. None of the questions will require you to have any specialized knowledge.

Thus, as opposed those in other sections in the Speaking part, your answer for Answer Short Question will only be correct or incorrect:

  • For each accurate answer, you will earn 1 point.
  • No points will be given for inaccurate answers.

Tips and advices

  • Carefully Listen to Short Answer Questions: The questions will not be difficult as they will mostly ask about general knowledge so make sure to understand them right. So, any effort made in practicing your listening skills will do you good. Additionally, stay focused until the very end of the sentence and grasp the keywords that convey the context.
  • Do not overthink the questions: For every question, you must give a straight forward and simple answer. And avoid answering a question in a less common way.

For instance:

PTE Speaking Short Answer Question - PTE Magic
PTE Speaking Short Answer Question
  • Just answer it: Oftentimes, outer factors such as the sound of other people speaking, the clock ticking, etc. can distract you and make you confuse at the easiest questions. As a result, you will immense into the turbulence of thoughts or even spend too much time wondering if what is in your head is the correct answer. Therefore, the advice is: be attentive and be confident.
  • Answer promptly and precisely: You will not be given more than 5 seconds between the questions, that is why you should not waste time on contemplating about the correct answer for any of them. Stay focused throughout the whole section and be ready to answer.

That’s it, good luck on the test!

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