March PTE Exam Memories from PTE 90 SCORER

Table of Contents Hello everyone, This is Moni. I did my PTE test on the 20th March 2021 at Sydney Pearson Bridge Street to test if our tips are still working. The result came after only 3 hours and once again. I got 90 all bands for PTE Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. I will

PTE Listening – Highlight Incorrect Words

Table of Contents Highlight Incorrect Words is one of the type of questions which you will face in the PTE Test Listening. If you prepare well these type of questions in the PTE Practice Test Listening, you can do well in the real PTE Academic Test. In these type of questions, you have to identify the wrong

PTE Speaking Test Short Question PTE Practice Test Magic
PTE Speaking Short Answer Question – Exam Structure and Sample Question

Table of Contents PTE speaking Short Answer Question part includes between 10 to 12 questions in PTE practice test, which only must be answered in 1 or 2 words. In a given question, you might also see a video or a picture. For instance; a diagram asking you; On which storey is the bank located?

PTE Reading – Multiple Choice Single Answer – Sample Question & Exam Structure

Table of Contents In PTE reading section, Multiple-Choice Single Answer is easier among both multiple-choice question types.  A question will be showed to you on a screen and you will answer it from the text given. Some choices you will see and out of those; you will select the right answer. Skills, the way you

PTE Reading – Reorder Paragraphs with exam structure & sample question

Table of Contents The Reorder task examines the way you move sentences right to left to ensure that the sentences are in correct order. To be good at English language skills, you should be able to understand if how different parts of a text associate with each other. This is the major key point about

PTE Speaking Test Read Aloud - PTE Magic
PTE Speaking Read Aloud – All you need to know!

Table of Contents PTE speaking read aloud has 06 – 07 questions in exam. Considering the type of questions, many students take it easy, whereas when the day of exam comes, it brings down their confidence. But if you did a good speaking practice of read aloud, you can easily perform well in exam. Task

PTE Speaking Test Retell Lecture - PTE Magic
PTE Speaking Re-Tell Lecture – Exam Structure & Sample Question

Table of Contents Re-tell lecture belongs to speaking task of exam. It examines your speaking and listening skills. It is one of hard tasks of exam because it judges your overall speaking expertise. With a good speaking practice you can perform in this task too. Task Assessment of PTE Re-Tell Lecture: Here, in your own


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PTE Tips Updated frequently

We try to keep updates and share all Premimum PTE materials such as eBook, exam templates, video and many more.  *2020* PTE Crashing Tips Speaking Tips NEW – Improve Frequency *Note: If you want to share or contribute your materials with us, please email at info@ptemagicpractice.com

PTE Speaking Tips How to improve your fluency | PTE Magic
2020 New PTE Speaking Tips

Do you want to improve your PTE Speaking Fluency? I have been coaching PTE at Magic for many students since 2018. I understand that students with English as their second-language finding difficulties in PTE Practice Test Speaking Fluency.  Some most common mistakes in Speaking, check out how you can improve: Mistake 1: Too Slow and