Speaking Answer Short Question

Understand Answer Short Question Question Type


After listening to a question, answer with a single word or a few words.

Prompt Length

3–9 seconds

Skills Assessed

Listening and speaking

Time to Answer

10 seconds


How to answer this question

For this item type, you need to reply to the question in one or a few words.

The audio begins to play automatically. You may also see an image.
When the audio finishes, the microphone opens and the recording status box shows “Recording”. Speak into the microphone immediately (there is no short tone) and answer the question with one or a few words.

  • You should speak clearly. There is no need to rush.
  • Finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end. The word “Recording” changes to “Completed”.
  • You are not able to replay the audio. You are only able to record your response once.